Multifunction nutrition

Cocktails from natural herbal components. A natural source of energy and better health.

Food for health and youth


An opportunity to have a tasty meal at any time, in any conditions and with profit to health. Replaces a meal.


A mix of specially selected natural ingredients of vegetable origin for a balanced diet.

What is PRANA Food needed for?

The quality of products which we eat has significantly worsened over the past decades. For example, before we were able to get a certain amount of nutrients from one apple, and now we need four apples. Natural human needs are not great — for energy and efective functioning we need a small amount of simple natural foods. But, with the development of intensive technologies and changes of food products, food from complex compounds and enhancers appeared, which not only create unhealthy eating habits and dependence on food, but also leads to the development of pathologies and chronic diseases.

PRANA food - an opportunity to have a tasty meal at any time, in any conditions and with profit to health.

Advantages of PRANA food:

  • provides all the necessary vitamins, macro and microelements,
  • does not contain sugar and harmful artificial sweeteners, GMOs, gluten or preservatives,
  • replaces a full breakfast, lunch or dinner,
  • increases the energy level,
  • promotes health of internal organs,
  • optimizes all body systems,
  • improves the assimilation of other food,
  • reduces the craving for snacking,
  • helps reduce excess weight,
  • potential increase in the level of mental concentration,
  • reduces the risk of diseases.

Development of PRANA food:

A range of functional food cocktails developed by nutritionists from the Reborn Company under the guidance of renowned scientist Yakov Marshak in 2002. Doctor Mashak is a biochemist with 40 years of experience studying the relationship between the composition of food and mood swings. Based on his research a nutrition program was developed to optimize the holistic development of the healthy body and mind.

In 2014, the cocktail was upgraded. Milk protein and components which are capable even with the low probability to cause increased levels of glucose: corn maltodextrin sucralose were removed from the composition and replaced by a more modern sweetener. Pine nuts, Flax flour, apple pectin and erythritol were added to the compound. The vitamin premix was improved and supplemented.

PRANA Food ingredients:

Contains only natural ingredients of vegetable origin, produced by extraction at a temperature not higher than 48 degrees.

Soy protein

provides amino acids


reduces the level of cholesterol


improves the metabolism


cleanses the stomach, heals the brain


stabilizes bowel function


replaces sugar

Pine nut

corrects the weight


regulates the microflora

Apple pectin



participates in the construction of cells


normalizes blood pressure

Vitamin premix

all the necessary vitamins: A, D3, E, K1, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12, and C

The line of tastes Prana Food:

Strawberry with banana

Production and quality control:

Multifunctional nutrition PRANA food is produced under the control of Reborn Company at the production facilities of the Vitaprom plant, Moscow.

The quality of the PRANA food cocktail is supported by a multi-level control system that starts before production.

  • The control of raw materials is done at the First level.
  • At each stage of production daily control is carried out by technologists.
  • The fnal stage is the quality control of the finished product. Control samples are selected from each batch; they are tested by independent experts together with experts from the Vitaprom plant. A few samples are retained until the expiry date and are tested at different time intervals.
  • In addition, there are independent external reviews of the production by state regulatory agencies.

Researches of PRANA food cocktails:

The concentrate of PRANA food lunch dishes for a vegetarian diet is made with all the requirements of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, tested on microbiological, radioactive, pesticide and other types of security. The research was conducted in the Department of the Institute of nutrition in Moscow, as well as in the State regional center of standardization of metrology and testing in Moscow (the state institution "ROSTEST-MOSCOW")

On the basis of the assessments carried out in accordance with federal laws: "The quality and safety of food products", "The consumer right protection act", Technical regulations of the Customs Union 022/2011, The decision of the Commission of the Customs Union 881, the Requirements of State All-Union standard 51740-2001 "Technical conditions for food products", State All-Union standard 51074-2003 "Food products. Information for consumers", State All-Union standard 8.570-2002 "Requirements for the number of packaged goods in packages", on the name of the developer, Reborn company (Reborn LTD.) specification 9194-001-29327495-14 and TC N RU D-RU. AG 92.B.130504 declaration of conformity expert signings were issued.